16 Sep 2011

Oxfam praises Pacific leaders for gun control breakthrough

2:37 pm on 16 September 2011

Lobbyists trying to control the international arms trade say Pacific Islands Forum leaders' commitment to a united voice on the matter is a remarkable achievement.

The leaders have thrown their support behind developing a common position on the International Arms Trade Treaty to be negotiated next year.

An Oxfam spokesman Luke Roughton says the hard work starts now.

"To figure out what they want out of the Arms Trade Treaty, how they want to achieve it, that they represent the concerns of their citizens in this international negotiation and more than that, that they work together to produce a common position so that the Pacific speaks in one voice."

Luke Roughton says the Pacific's an example of how a small number of guns can have a big impact on communities.

But he says the region's had little representation in talks so far.