14 Sep 2011

East Timor's Gusmao visits Vanuatu

1:35 pm on 14 September 2011

The prime minister of East Timor, Xanana Gusmao, is visiting Vanuatu to thank the government and the people of Vanuatu for their contribution to the struggle of the independence of East Timor.

A special ceremony was organised by the prime minister Sato Kilman at which a medal of honour was awarded by the President of Vanuatu, Iolu Johnson Abil.

Yesterday, Mr Gusmao flew to the island of Pentecost with the deputy prime minister and younger brother of late prime minister Father Walter Lini to pay his respects at his grave.

Mr Gusmao was also given the chiefly title of Manurongoana by the high ranking chiefs from the Lini village.

Manurongoana means a bird which can sing and talk to the people.