12 Sep 2011

Guam to introduce new safety rules for cleaning products

3:27 pm on 12 September 2011

Guam's Environmental Protection Agency is training staff in the hospitality industry this week how to use cleaning products safely.

A revision of the 30-year-old Guam Pesticide Act will from next month require paid housekeeping workers who use disinfectants and other pesticides in their job to complete a training course and pass an examination.

Those who pass this week's train the trainer course will obtain a three-year qualification to teach housekeepers and others in the industry who use pesticides.

The agency's programme manager for pesticide enforcement Bedwin Alokoa says the US definition of pesticide encompasses not only farm chemicals but many cleaning products.

"Now we have a concern because farmers use pesticides once a week or once every other week and they get precautions making sure they are protected and yet workers who use housekeeping products use them almost every day."

Bedwin Alokoa says there'll be basic training for housekeeping workers next week.