22 Aug 2011

LNG project brings benefits to PNG's Southern Highlands - Chief

10:31 am on 22 August 2011

A customary chief in Papua New Guinea's Southern Highlands says the LNG project is bringing major benefits to his clan.

Gini Kapiago is a principal landowner from the provinces Hides region where a gas wellhead and conditioning plant for the major project are being constructed.

The NGO, Hela Community Care, claims that the project is displacing many people and soaring inflation is hurting families in the region.

But Chief Kapiago says his people have better access to their land, more money and water tanks, thanks to the Exxonmobil development.

"Translator: What he's saying is before they have not seen a better, improved standard of road, facilities that are coming up, services that it is bringing. So he feels so satisfied that the project is here."