6 Aug 2011

Sport: Fiji Rugby Union staying optimistic in search for funds

12:05 pm on 6 August 2011

The Fiji Rugby Union is still hopeful of attracting a major sponsor in time for the Rugby World Cup, which kicks off in less than five weeks.

The Union is also waiting on one final payment from the 1-point-7 million US dollars promised by the interim government at the start of the year.

The bulk of that amount was finally released last month but just under 230 thousand dollars remains outstanding.

The FRU's Acting Chief Executive, Pio Bosco Tikoisuva, says the government funds are being used to pay for the players' allowances and accommodation but more money is still needed.

"We're still talking with them on the actual release of the balance. We're hopeful we'll be getting it soon. We've still got the outfits and also some of the other areas in which the other sponsors have come in like water and drinks and all those other things. Also that we are trying to get extra technical people that we have to get in in some specific areas."

Pio Bosco Tikoisuva says the FRU also remains hopeful that army lock Leone Nakarawa will be allowed to be travel to New Zealand as part of the country's world cup squad.