5 Aug 2011

CNMI college to launch online courses for the first time

7:59 am on 5 August 2011

The Northern Marianas College is on the verge of launching online education and career training courses for the first time.

The College is hoping to band with six or seven major education providers from abroad, to offer a range of short-term online courses including healthcare, business, law, and teaching.

The President of the College Dr Sharon Hart says it is hoping to cater to a wider pool of students from across the region and to become a leader in online education.

"We feel right now that many citizens who are in especially the three islands that we serve, Saipan, Tinian and Rota really don't have the opportunity here for these additional type of programmes and services because we're one institution, we're only one higher education institution here that serves these three islands. We can't be everything to everyone."

Dr Sharon Hart says the College is aiming to launch the first of its 7000 online courses next month.