24 Jun 2011

Guam's Governor pushes for self-determination in a United Nations speech

7:03 am on 24 June 2011

A spokesperson for the Governor of Guam says a speech to the United Nations Decolonisation Commission was another vehicle to push for the US territory's right to self-determination.

The speech was delivered in New York this week on behalf of the Governor Eddie Calvo, by his sister Clare.

It states that the territory's Chamorro people have been unable to reach their full potential because of Guam's political status, as an internationally-recognised colony.

The Governor's Deputy Press Secretary Phillip Leon Guerrero says its important the UN be kept informed about Guam's progress so it can continue to lend its support

"After nearly 500 years of us not being able to live with Guam's agenda as the main priority now it's time and Governor Calvo has said it, to move forward with education campaigns so that as soon as responsibly possible we can hold a plebicite so our people can exercise our human right to self-determination."

Phillip Leon Guerrero says the Governor hopes a plebicite can be held at the next election in 2012, or in 2014.