7 Jun 2011

Guam Community College becomes largest civilian producer of renewable energy

1:08 pm on 7 June 2011

A solar power installation at Guam's Community College has made it the territory's biggest civilian producer of renewable energy.

High global fuel prices are increasing the pressure to seek alternative electricity sources on Pacific islands such as Guam who've traditionally relied on fossil fuels for power generation.

The college president says photovoltaic arrays in two new buildings will save an estimated 2,500 US dollars a month and federal funding covered the estimated half a million dollar installation cost.

Dr Mary Okada says other renewable energy projects are underway at the college, which is hoping to obtain a silver certification in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

"For example we have lights in our parking lot right now that are currently being replaced to solar lights and so we don't know what the estimated savings is on that yet until such time as that project has been completed."

Dr Mary Okada says the photovoltaic arrays are net metered, which means the college receives credit on its electricity bill when it produces more power than it uses.