11 May 2011

Fiji Transport Workers Union raises questions over Air Pacific redundancies

7:17 pm on 11 May 2011

Fiji's Transport Workers Union is raising questions at the latest cost-cutting plans by Air Pacific.

The national airline has informed its 780 workers that before any workers are laid off, staff can accept a voluntary redundancy package or early retirement.

The airline's regional and domestic carrier, Pacific Sun let 85 workers go at the beginning of the year, as part of the restructuring plans.

The Union's General Secretary, Kamlesh Kumar says he wants answers from the company.

"We need to get some concrete information from the company in terms of how many people are going to be affected. But in any case there will be quite a few people who will be affected by this. And our concern that still remains is these people will be out of jobs -where will these people go? There is absolutely no other available opportunities within Fiji."

Kamlesh Kumar says the union also wants to know why Air Pacific employed a number of foreign consultants to replace local workers.