26 Apr 2011

No increase in bus fares in Fiji despite fuel increase

11:42 am on 26 April 2011

The Fiji Bus Operators Association says bus fares will not go up despite an increase in fuel prices.

The retail price for unleaded fuel went up 13 Fiji cents yesterday to 2.50 Fiji dollars a litre, while the price of diesel increased by 21 cents per litre to $2.28.

The President of the Association, Zane Dean says it has an agreement with the interim government not to raise bus fares unless the world price of fuel reaches 145 US dollars per barrel -it has reached 120 dollars a barrel.

He says the interim regime has also offered other concessions to the industry.

"The bus industry will be zero-rated. Senior citizens will be paying 50 percent of the bus fares and we will be carrying disabled people free on the buses. The cost of fares will be covered by zero-rating the bus industry."

Zane Dean says although the price hike adds to the operational costs of the bus industry, it was prepared for it and is able to cope.