4 Mar 2011

Cooks MPs on skills course

4:09 pm on 4 March 2011

Cook Islands MPs are being put through a skills training course this week to ensure they're able to do their job properly.

The sessions are being co-ordinated by the Pacific Legislature for Population & Governance secretariat, whose spokesperson, Tangata Vainerere, says the new MPs need serious upskilling.

With help from the Western Australian parliament, the sessions have studied the Cook Islands constitution and parliamentary standing orders.

Mr Vainerere says his agency also wants the MPs to become effective advocates for regional issues.

"There are two sides to the programme. One deals with the parliamentary processes and procedures whilst they are in the House, and the other one also deals with the advocacy roles for parliamentarians in a number of population and governance issues outside of parliament - working in their electorates and supporting issues of special concern like youth and HIV/AIDS and climate change and gender, things like that."

Tangata Vainerere.

The training sessions finish tomorrow.