17 Feb 2011

Calm in Tuvalu capital following lifting of emergency regulations

11:02 am on 17 February 2011

Tuvalu's Prime Minster Willie Telavi says the situation in the capital Funafuti is calm following the recent lifting of emergency regulations.

The Public Order Act was enacted in January in response to a protest march by people from Nukufetau who were demanding the immediate resignation of one of their MPs, the finance minister Lotoala Metia.

Mr Telavi says the police are still investigating the march, which the government deemed illegal, along with accompanying threats made about removing Mr Metia.

He says the Nukufetau community was advised to take the matter to court.

"I believe they have received legal advice that they cannot do this because we have electoral provisions that qualify an MP to represent his constituency and the only way to get rid of him is during the election."

Willie Telavi says the agenda was a political one aimed at toppling the government.