31 Jan 2011

FBI investigates corruption claims against American Samoa Government

5:49 am on 31 January 2011

A shipyard company in American Samoa is making allegations of corruption against the territory's government.

Shipyard operator, MYD Samoa, is in a stand-off with the government which was set to take over its facility last year.

But that was put on hold when MYD filed bankruptcy protection, and the company says the FBI is investigating corruption allegations against the government.

Bob Weihe, the owner of MYD Samoa, says government officials blatantly sought kickbacks and bribes as soon as they took over the shipyard in 2007.

"The government has from day one been against the shipyard and has threatened us if we don't pay them off. You know they're going to take action against us, and they have. They've threatened us, they've threatened me personally, they've just been very very bad towards the shipyard."

The FBI has not made any comment on the matter.