16 Nov 2010

No firm details of cannery jobs in American Samoa following agreement

11:23 am on 16 November 2010

There are still no firm details available over job oportunities following the signing of an agreement between the American Samoan government and Tri Marine International last month.

Tri Marine says it first needs to upgrade the former Samoa Packing tuna cannery plant to suit its business plan.

The renovation of the plant will take 12 to 18 months.

But before then Samoa Tuna Processors Inc, the local company formed for the fish processing company, expects to start limited fish handling and storage operations using the dock and one of the cold storages that does not need to be renovated .

Samoa Tuna Processors plans to be able to freeze fish in addition to storing it.

The plant will be able to process frozen fish for non canning markets.

The company says its upgraded plant will be able to process more tuna per kilowatt hour of electricity and per cubic meter of water than before.

The renovations and upgrade of the former Samoa Packing plant will be the responsibility of General manager Ian Boatwood, a New Zealander who was formerly GM of the Chicken fo the Sea's tuna canning plant in Lyons, Georgia.