15 Nov 2010

Water tanks still needed in Aitutaki in Cook Islands 9 months after Cyclone Pat

6:32 am on 15 November 2010

A survey of all households by the Red Cross in Aitutaki shows 30 per cent don't have water tanks and half do not have any guttering, nine months after Tropical Cyclone Pat struck.

A state of disaster was declared in February when two thirds of homes were damaged by the cyclone.

The Secretary General of the Cook Islands Red Cross, Niki Rattle, says the survey reveals that although many homes have been given tanks, a number are not yet working because they do not have spouting to collect rain water.

She says the Red Cross wants to ensure the homes will be in a better situation than they were before the cyclone hit.

"So it's the idea of the recovery phase is to make sure that we don't just don't patch up, that we actually make sort of make it better for people. Every household will end up with a water tank and guttering to give them water at home. So it'll be great."

Niki Rattle says the Red Cross has offered to cover the cost for the guttering.