2 Nov 2010

Tokelau fono tackles key challenges

2:40 pm on 2 November 2010

Tokelau's General Fono is discussing how to proceed with projects about developing transport, renewable energy, and infrastructure development plans.

The General Manager of the Tokelau National Public Service Jovilisi Suveinakama says the fono is considering how Tokelau can move forward within its budget, which is largely funded by New Zealand.

In the 2009/2010 financial year, New Zealand's assistance was just over 11 million US dollars.

Mr Suveinakama says it's likely more funding assistance will be needed to move ahead.

"We'll be discussing some of the strategic issues that Tokelau has been dealing with New Zealand, which is how we will move forward with the funding arrangement, that's number one. And also be talking about the interim shipping solution and also the future of Tokelau's transport. And talking about Tokelau's renewable energy project and infrastructure development project, and how we will implement Tokelau National Strategic Plan."

Jovilisi Suveinakama.

The General Fono will last three days.