27 Oct 2010

Tonga police boost crime investigation unit

1:08 pm on 27 October 2010

Tonga's police commander, Chris Kelley, is re-organising the criminal investigation unit, nearly tripling its staff, to improve the response to crime.

It comes as reported crimes last week reached 102, double the previous week.

Mr Kelley says much of this was because of 34 fraud charges brought against one individual, but there were also 11 assaults and 13 house break-ins.

Mr Kelley says the re-structuring of the criminal investigation unit, taking staff numbers to 42 from 15, is part of the foreign aid assisted Tonga Police Development Programme.

"But it's also important that we focus on crime types and just look at the way that we do things. And I think that is starting to pay dividends. It's encouraging to see the results now of the arrests that are being made and the crime that is being solved."