6 Oct 2010

Coffee plots in Papua New Guinea set ablaze

11:12 am on 6 October 2010

Police in Papua New Guinea are looking for suspects involved in setting fire to coffee plots in the Chimbu and Western Highlands provinces.

Police yesterday arrested and charged a man with arson for setting fire to a coffee plot in the Kup area last week.

According to the Post Courier, police rescued the man after he was chased by enemies with axe blades after he had allegedly set fire to coffee plots owned by the Kunal Kanem tribe.

When questioned by police, the man said his own coffee plot had been set ablaze by members of the tribe.

PNG makes over 180 million US dollars in foreign exchange earnings annually from coffee alone.

The police say the country depends entirely on coffee for school fees and other needs and when we people's income source is destroyed, more problems surface.