5 Oct 2010

Solomons minister backs commissioner over retirement policy

1:48 pm on 5 October 2010

The Solomon Islands Police Minister is defending the role of the Police Commissioner, saying he has the power to implement any retirement exercise he wishes.

James Tora's comment follows local media reports that the Public Employees Union is calling for the Commissioner Peter Marshall to be removed, as it's dissatisfied with the Voluntary Early Retirement Scheme.

Mr Tora says although he has made no formal response, he understands the union is complaining that the Commissioner did not consult it before announcing the retirement exercise.

"They think that it's proper that the public service should be involved. But then under the Police Act the Commissioner has the power also as the public service, to give any retirement or carry out any retirement exercise when he sees fit within the organisation, such as police or in the public service."

James Tora says the only party the Police Commissioner should have informed about the retirement scheme is cabinet.