27 Sep 2010

Fiji smokers facing curbs under planned new decree

4:58 am on 27 September 2010

The sale of cigarettes from private homes in Fiji is to stop when a new Tobacco Control Decree comes into force.

The stricter regulations have been welcomed by the manager of corporate and regulatory affairs at British American Tobacco in Fiji, Rajeshwar Singh.

He says in addition to ending the domestic tobacco trade, smoking in public places, the sale of single cigarettes and selling to minors will be banned.

"Tobacco it should be only available to adult smokers. And that new decree basically will address purchaser IDs, and ensuring that domestic sales are totally banned, and at the same time tobacco should not be accessible to anybody under the legal age of eighteen in this country. And I think that all that is very good in terms of how the product is managed and sold in the country."

Rajeshwar Singh says the decree will also mean cigarette packets have to carry graphic health warnings.

The Tobacco Control Decree is now being drafted by the Solicitor General and is expected to be introduced in December.