5 Aug 2010

Assessment underway in PNG on whether latest quake caused damage

6:34 pm on 5 August 2010

Disaster officials have been sent to a remote region in Papua New Guinea's New Britain after a major earthquake this morning.

The US Geological Survey says the magnitude seven quake hit a sparsely populated area of the mountainous island at a depth of 54 kilometres.

It caused panic but there have been no reports of damage or injuries.

The Acting Director for PNG's National Disaster Centre, Martin Mose, says a team assessing the area for damage is expected to report back in a few days.

"The one in Kimbe they can feel the shock as far as Pomio, Kimbe town itself, and the Kandrian. It was very deep as well and its not on the shore, its up off the shore inland, or on land if you like, so it did not generate any tsunami."

Yesterday a 6 point 4 magnitude tremor hit off PNG's Madang province.