4 Aug 2010

Solomon Islands general election today

5:17 am on 4 August 2010

Solomon Islanders go to the polls today, but already the Electoral Commission says it will continue to push for electoral reform so there's a better voter list for the next election.

The electoral roll has been criticised by the Commonwealth election observer group which says its flaws are a serious weakness in the election.

Jo O'Brien reports from Solomon Islands.

"A High Court ruling on a dramatic increase in voter registration in the West Honiara constituency has led the chair of the electoral commission Sir Peter Kenilorea to make the call for further reform. The High Court has ruled that while a person who is not ordinarily a resident in the constituency cannot be restrained from voting today, those who are registered there for illegitimate and improper reasons are breaching the law and should not vote. The Electoral Commission is appealing to the integrity of voters to abide by the ruling, and Sir Peter says that despite its desire for reform the commission will continue to operate according to current laws for this election. The Commonwealth observer group says it will be watching for instances of double voting, or voting in other constituencies because of the flawed electoral roll which contains more names than voters."