29 Jul 2010

Northern Marianas makes it legal to use nuclear power

7:26 pm on 29 July 2010

The Northern Marianas Governor, Benigno Fitial, has signed into law a bill that will allow the territory to use nuclear power.

The Nuclear and Chemical Free Amendment Zone Act allows for modular nuclear power devices, or safe nuclear batteries, in the CNMI.

The bill was introduced to meet the public demand for more environmentally friendly and cheaper power.

Mr Fitial says the new law is much needed in the CNMI as will alleviate the problems people face over the high cost of electricity.

Our correspondent says the focus will be on Small Modular nuclear power reactors, or SMRs, which are considered safer than older nuclear technology.

Besides nuclear power devices, the CNMI will also explore the possibility of tapping geothermal power for the islands.