19 Jul 2010

American Samoa's "Samoan Heritage Week" to go ahead in Hawaii without funding approval

11:42 am on 19 July 2010

American Samoa's "Samoan Heritage Week" is to go ahead in Hawai'i despite funding not being approved by lawmakers.

The governor, Togiola Tulafono's, request for US$50,000 to fund the week will not be taken up by lawmakers until the Fono reconvenes in four weeks.

Money from the budget of the governor's office is expected to paid for event expenses, until the bill is approved.

In his letter to the Fono leadership, the Governor said last year's event was the first such celebration of Samoan heritage in Hawai'i, which was aimed at changing the perception of Samoan people.

It said that after negative publicity and without knowing more about Samoans, people would be left with the impression that they are not a people that give back to the community or that support higher goals and aspirations.