5 Jul 2010

Vanuatu Government to assess flood damage before sending assistance

5:52 pm on 5 July 2010

The Vanuatu Government will send its own representative to assess the situation in Emae after five villages were affected by severe flooding last month, before deciding on a plan of action.

Two weeks ago, the Shefa Provincial Government sent a Disaster Officer, Phillip Meto, to the area, and submitted a report recommending the Government send clean drinking water and food supplies as soon as possible.

The Daily Post newspaper has reported that the floods damaged water systems and contaminated ground water wells.

Food gardens, buildings and roads have also been destroyed.

Len Garae of the Daily Post says while the Government has yet to provide assistance, those affected are receiving some help.

"A charitable organisation by the Mormon Church has already sent food to the island along with water. For sure the people want to get assistance as soon as possible, but the Government has been slow and Church has stepped in to provide food and water for the people."

Daily Post reporter, Len Garae.