22 Jun 2010

Nauru independent MP told supporting Government will move country forward

6:46 pm on 22 June 2010

Nauru's caretaker President, Marcus Stephen, says his Government deserves to continue to run the country, on the basis of Saturday's poll.

The election was called to try and end months of political stalemate but only one of the 18 MPs elected is a newcomer.

Mr Stephen says his nine MPs won increased majorities while Baron Waqa's Opposition lost a seat to independent candidate, Milton Dube.

He says Mr Dube has the chance to break the deadlock.

"To me the two options are pretty clear. We have one group of nine, one group of eight and the new member Milton Dube has two options. And that is if he decides to join the Government then the country will move forward. If he decides to join the Opposition it will put the country into a deadlock again."

Marcus Stephen says talks are continuing with Mr Dube and other Opposition MPs and he's confident that the impasse can be resolved by the end of the week.