10 Jun 2010

New political party in Tonga to field candidates in all 17 constituencies

11:43 am on 10 June 2010

A supporter of Tonga's pro-democracy movement who had been hoping to be one of its candidates in the November elections, has now formed a separate political party.

Mele Amanaki, the general secretary of the Public Servants Association, was one of two women the movement was hoping to name later this month.

But Ms Amanaki says she is one of eight people who launched the Tongan Democratic Labor Party on Tuesday night.

She says the party will field candidates in all 17 constituencies and she hopes to be one of them.

"When our party is going to make the public invitations surely I will apply to be a candidate for it. But if there is more than me applying to run for my constituency then I will leave it up to the party to select which one of us will run."

Mele Amanaki says the PSA and other workers have been let down by the current People's Representatives and that's why they have formed a separate party.