30 Apr 2010

France sends more food aid to Futuna after Cyclone Tomas

1:58 pm on 30 April 2010

France is to send another ship to the territory of Wallis and Futuna to provide basic food to the victims of Cyclone Tomas

The French high commission in New Caledonia says the warship, the Jacques Cartier, will leave its base to take one month worth of food supplies to Futuna, which was badly damaged when the cyclone struck in the middle of March.

The ship is due to arrive in Futuna by Monday.

A damage assessment showed that 80 percent of the crops on Futuna were destroyed, causing immediate shortages.

It prompted the French government to requisition a New Caledonian airliner to rush supplies to Futuna.

The cyclone also washed away the road along the northern coast.