20 Apr 2010

French Polynesian party urges Sarkozy to end politicians' comedy

1:12 pm on 20 April 2010

The leader of French Polynesia's small Porinetia Ora Party has written to the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, asking for the dissolution of the assembly to end the political instability.

The letter by Teiva Manutahi follows two marches in Papeete against the political class, which he accuses of perjury, betrayal, unnatural alliances, greed for power and corruption.

Mr Manutahi says having described French Polynesia's politics as a comedy, it is now time for Mr Sarkozy to end it as soon as possible as it is turning France in the Pacific into the laughing stock of its neighbours.

He says Mr Sarkozy alone can set an end to these habits that are unworthy of the French republic.

Mr Manutahi proposes that Mr Sarkozy take the lead in modifying the electoral system ahead of early elections.

The electoral system has been changed by Paris three times since 2004, but governments have frequently been short-lived because of unstable coalitions.