12 Apr 2010

Nearly 3,000 cholera cases recorded in PNG in eight months

3:22 pm on 12 April 2010

More than 2,900 people in Papua New Guinea have been infected with cholera since an outbreak began eight months ago.

The country's first cholera outbreak in 50 years is affecting three adjoining northern provinces, Madang, Morobe and East Sepik.

The World Health Organisation's representative in PNG, Dr Eigil Sorensen, says 500 people got the disease in the second half of March, but the infection rate has since eased.

"The latest figures as of end of March is 2907 cases. Although what we've seen within the last two three weeks that it seems to be slowing down, in particular in the East Sepik, but also in Madang, while there're still a large number of cases in Morobe province occurring."

Dr Sorensen says there were about 10 new infections over the last fortnight.

He says while the rate is slowing down, it could be due to its natural cycle.