7 Apr 2010

Building rules flouted in Solomons capital, says mayor

10:08 am on 7 April 2010

The Honiara City Council in Solomon Islands says it's noticed an increase in buildings being constructed without a permit.

Its Mayor Andrew Mua, who is also the Chairman of the Honiara Town and Country Planning Board, says the council is now cracking down on people and property developers who are constructing buildings without permission.

Mr Mua says any person who wants to build in Honiara must first obtain development permission from the planning board and a building permit from the Council.

He says the council has strengthened its enforcement of the building regulations.

"This is a city, it's not like a home village where you can just build up anything you want to build. We are a city with rules and regulations that are governed by an act of parliament. Therefore in Honiara, you have to comply with these regulations. If one doesn't want to comply with this regulation, I would suggest to him or her to go back to where he or she comes from."