7 Apr 2010

Report reveals PNG government trust account controlled privately

10:08 am on 7 April 2010

A Papua New Guinea parliamentary report says government trust accounts should not be managed by the public service or by any government agencies.

This comes after the report, by the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee, found the owner of a private company to be using money from a government trust account.

According to The Sunday Chronicle newspaper, the report found the Konebada Petroleum Park Authority Working Group Trust Account is being operated outside the Government Computerised Accounting System.

The report says millions of kina have been flowing to private consultants and to the company of an individual who's been signing cheques for the account, despite not being a delegated signatory.

The committee says the Department of Finance and Treasury is partially responsible, through its inability to protect the State using proper monitoring and or by requiring and enforcing accountability from its own officers.