30 Mar 2010

Tong Sang confirms French Polynesian power sharing deal

4:59 pm on 30 March 2010

The French Polynesian president, Gaston Tong Sang, has confirmed that there is a deal in place since November, under which his coalition partner is entitled to now claim the assembly presidency.

His To Tatou Aia group has the post until April the 8th when the assembly is to choose its president.

The Tahoeraa Huiraatira says the issue can break the ruling majority, insisting that Philip Schyle not be re-elected but replaced by a Tahoeraa politician.

Some To Tatou Aia politicians are reluctant to endorse a possible candidacy by Gaston Flosse, with Mr Tong Sang refusing to tell RFO Radio whether he would back him.

Mr Flosse is faced with a raft of court cases and investigations but so far all his convictions have been appealed.