17 Feb 2010

Plantations on American Samoa's Tau destroyed by cyclone

9:13 pm on 17 February 2010

A resident on Tau in American Samoa says mainly banana and breadfruit plantations on island were destroyed by Cyclone Rene.

Manu'a suffered the most from Rene.

Resident Ale Filoialii says there was a major shortage of clean water and food until a boat from Pago Pago arrived carrying much needed supplies.

He says locals will struggle with the short supply of the two popular staples

"I think mostly all the bananas that are grown here in Ta'u and the other two villages they are all down. I can estimate maybe over 1,000, 2000 banana [trees] and also the breadfruit trees. This is my 10th or 11th hurricanes, but I just hope that no more hurricane hits here."

Ale Filoialii , resident on Ta'u