1 Feb 2010

Supreme Court orders new mayoral election in CNMI northern islands

4:53 pm on 1 February 2010

The Northern Marianas' Supreme Court has ordered a new mayoral election in the northern islands, after overturning the declaration by an earlier court that Ramona Taisakan Rebuenog had won the post.

In the November 7th election independent candidate Tobias Dela Cruz Aldan received 68 votes, with Ms Rebuenog garnering 67 votes, but she successfully contested this result in court.

The Supreme Court Justices say the election must be set aside because the earlier court had been unable to determine which candidate received the most legal votes.

They say they're mindful of the costs and hardships associated with a new election but say this must take a backseat to the rights of voters to be represented by a candidate of their choosing.