27 Jan 2010

Catholic school at odds with Samoa government's new scheme

2:14 pm on 27 January 2010

The Catholic Church primary schools in Samoa are facing problems with the new policy of free basic education because the assistance from the government may not be used to pay teacher salaries.

The Director of Education for Catholic schools, A'eau Chris Hazelman, says the school fees pay for teacher's salaries and nothing is provided for under the scheme for mission schools.

Teachers in government schools are paid for by public monies.

A'eau says schools have started for the New Year and parents have been advised to pay school fees until the matter has been raised with the government.

Despite the hiccup in the scheme, A'eau has praised the financial assistance from New Zealand and Australia which helps parents who have financial

constraints or and those who cannot afford to send their children to school because of lack of financial support.