25 Jan 2010

Calls for support for political reform in Cook Islands

7:32 am on 25 January 2010

The chair of the commission of political review in the Cook Islands hopes MPs will put aside their agendas and support a proposal for political reform.

Iaveta Short, who had compiled the 1988 report on reforming the political system, is building on the same principles in a new proposal being circulated among MPs.

He says the Democratic Party had promised political reform at the last election, but has never delivered.

The democratic party is now split in their support of the PM and his cabinet and drawn up an alliance with opposition MPs following recent political upheavals.

Mr Short says he hopes that MPs will put aside their own agendas, in the best interest of the country.

"It is difficult to know whether the MPs would be prepared to put aside their own personal or in party infight and put that aside and say right lets deal with this issue which can still be dealt with and gone through parliament before the next election. Or they may decide they dont want anything to do with it."

Iaveta Short says the proposal has the support of the Prime Minister and his cabinet.