18 Jan 2010

Proposed immigration bill to give locals job priority

9:22 am on 18 January 2010

A proposed immigration bill in American Samoa is aimed at giving local skilled people priority in jobs over foreign workers. to protect jobs

The legislation was introduced in by the House of Representatives last week and looks at cutting the number of foreigners who've been granted a one year approval to live in American Samoa, from 100 people to 60. initiated by the house of representatives

Our correspondent Monica Miller says one of the aims is for employers to prioritise jobs to locals before hiring foreign workers.

"One of the things that this bill is proposing is that before anyone is allowed to work here, the potential employer has to certify that the skill that this person, the foreigner is being hired for cannot be provided by a local. And they're supposed to verify that they've advertised the job and that they were unable to get any of the locals to apply"

Monica Miller says popular opinion in American Samoa is sufficient immigration laws are already in place but enforcement must be improved.