7 Dec 2009

World Vision warns against evicting squatters in Papua New Guinea's Madang

8:26 pm on 7 December 2009

The aid organisation, World Vision, says there needs to be a curb on crime in Madang Province in Papua New Guinea, following several violent attacks.

In the latest incident, last week, a 70-year old expatriate woman, who has lived in Madang town for many years, was attacked in her house.

The provincial government is blaming squatters and the unemployed for the rise in crime and has now banned the sale of alcohol and intends to evict illegal squatters.

It is also considering imposing a curfew.

World Vision's national director in PNG, Curt von Boguslawski, says something needs to be done, but he questions the evictions.

"We do believe in creating an environment where people do have jobs, where they have opportunities, and World Vision is assisting the government in doing so. The crackdown is not something World Vision is supporting, but we're also not condemning it as a tool to restore law and order at the moment."

Curt von Boguslawski says it'll be a long process creating such an environment.