9 Nov 2009

Fiji Immigration head says former national netball coach could extend stay

8:07 pm on 9 November 2009

The Director of Immigration in Fiji says the former Netball Fiji Coach Melissa Walker will be able to extend her stay in the country providing she requests it in writing.

Ms Walker, who is a New Zealander, was served a notice by the Immigration Department on Friday that she must leave Fiji within seven days.

She believes Netball Fiji, which terminated her contract due to lack of money, is trying to boot her out of the country to avoid paying a salary owed to her.

The Director of Immigration Nemani Vuniwaqa says the department was only following protocol in issuing the notice.

He says it had not been informed that she is required in the country for a court hearing against Netball Fiji at end of the month.

"We've advised them to write formally to the department stating the reasons why they want to extend their stay. And with that we've also advised them that they will be given temporary residence permit."

Nemani Vuniwaqa says once a formal letter has been submitted, Melissa Walker is most likely to be allowed to stay until the court case is over.