3 Nov 2009

China upset at Uighurs' transfer from Guantanamo Bay to Palau

11:35 am on 3 November 2009

Beijing has expressed anger over the US release of six Chinese Muslim Uighurs to Palau.

The six, who arrived in Palau on Sunday, were released from the US detention centre in Guantanamo Bay where they had been held in violation of the Geneva Convention.

They had been captured in Afghanistan shortly after the US invasion in 2002 but the previous US government decided to no longer treat the Uighurs as what the military called enemy combatants.

The Chinese foreign ministry says these people should have been handed to China to be dealt with in accordance with the law, but it is not immediately clear what Chinese law the six are alleged to have broken.

It has urged the US to implement the UN Security Council's relevant resolutions and its international obligations on counter-terrorism.

The US has said it fears they could face torture if returned to China.

Other Uighurs, released by the US military, are now in Albania and the Bermudas.