8 Oct 2009

Aid effort in Samoas extended to pets

4:42 pm on 8 October 2009

Aid has also reached pets in Samoa and American Samoa.

The tsunami that hit the two Samoas and Tonga last week killed 184 people.

Many farm animals have also been washed away by the destructive waves, and so have some pets.

The regional manager of the world society of the protection of animals in New Zealand, Melissa Brown, says they are now helping to look after the surviving pets.

"The team has provided quite a lot of canned food to the animals of Samoa and that's in association with our local organisation. They have been to various villages delivering pet food and have assessed the animals for their health and welfare."

Melissa Brown says the food has been mainly gone to about 1,000 dogs, who have been crucial in alerting their owners of the upcoming danger.