28 Sep 2009

Temaru restates decolonisation bid for French Polynesia

2:32 pm on 28 September 2009

French Polynesia's wide-ranging and publicly attended talks to chart the archipelago's future have ended after three months, with President Oscar Temaru again calling for a process to decolonise the territory.

The brainstorming sessions were called by France in March after unrest gripped the French Antilles.

Mr Temaru says his territory is still to see the decolonisation promised by all colonising country, saying it still needs to have its political, social, economic and cultural revolution.

He also questioned why France didn't carry out its nuclear weapons tests in France, adding that the Polynesians should not be told tales as they are neither children nor dogs.

In reply, the French high commissioner, Adolphe Colrat, rejected the label of colonialism, saying the talks of recent times are evidence of a newly found confidence and a will to work together.