10 Sep 2009

Samoa bus protest fails amid door row

1:19 pm on 10 September 2009

A planned protest in Apia by members of Samoa's bus society has not gone ahead because it's now illegal to drive buses with doors on the right hand side.

This follows the road switch two days ago amid concern among bus owners over the cost of shifting the doors.

Bus drivers had originally planned to drive their buses to the flea market and hold a meeting in public.

Sara Vui-Talitu reports from Apia.

"Police and traffic officials are monitoring roads and are stopping buses that have doors on the wrong side, from being on the road. Members of Samoa's bus society were due to protest this morning at the flea market, but couldn't drive their illegal buses there. They are now due to meet with the Prime Minister this afternoon to try and come to some sort of resolution. Association members say they need help with the financial cost of making all the changes, estimated to be at thousands of dollars."