8 Sep 2009

Tokelau ulu hails new flag

12:59 pm on 8 September 2009

Tokelau's ulu or leader, Foua Toloa, says the development of a flag and national symbol is part of bringing the family of Tokelau closer together.

The new flag was officially presented by the New Zealand Governor General at a ceremony in Wellington after approval was gained from the Queen.

Foua Toloa says a national flag, symbol and anthem are all part of supporting a national identity:

"Building a wall is that you need small blocks and huge blocks and I think developing a flag is a building block for us in terms of moving towards self determination in the future and I think this is part of our nation building of coming as a nation, identifying and having our identity as a nation."

The Ulu says the national anthem will be finalised next month and a special ceremony will see the raising of the new flag on all three atolls and among Tokelauan communities around the world.