8 Sep 2009

Groups move to stop Tahitian coronation

12:37 pm on 8 September 2009

Groups opposed to this week's planned coronation in French Polynesia have restricted access to the Tahiti site where the installation was planned to be held.

Radio reports say the site in the Papenoo valley is being controlled by associations which object to plans by one of the claimants of the Tahitian royal title, Joinville Pomare, to be made King Pomare XI.

A meeting on the dispute is to be held between the groups and the territorial government, which has been urged to stop the planned proceedings.

Mr Pomare is also due to meet his supporters today to discuss their plans.

His claim is also being challenged by other members of the extended Pomare family.

In 1880, King Pomare V signed a treaty with France to allow Paris to govern the archipelago but France no longer recognises any Tahitian royalty.