7 May 2009

Fiji warned about chicken pox risks

3:36 pm on 7 May 2009

Residents in Fiji are being warned to be vigilant as the prevalence of chicken pox tends to be highest in winter.

The Ministry of Health says so far this year there have been 177 reported cases from 62 locations around the country, excluding private medical practices.

Dr Ranu Anjali from Ba Mission Hospital says although the situation is not alarming, early prevention is important.

"We have final year medical students who have been attached to the hospital. So we are making use of them as they go for the health education talks in the various schools in the area. They have been raising awareness on the issue of chicken pox and what it is all about and they should be seeking medical attention earlier so that they can be put on medication and they do not go around spreading the infection."

Dr Ranu Anjali says patients being admitted with chicken pox are being quarantined through separate rooms, and masks are being used to help prevent the spread of the disease.