26 Mar 2009

Fiji's land Force Commander lashes out at local media

11:55 am on 26 March 2009

Fiji's land Force Commander, Colonel Pita Driti, has lashed out at the media, saying they are 'biased' against the military in their reports.

The paper, the Fiji Times, reports he singled out the Fiji Media Council for advising key stakeholders to take their grievances to the media.

Colonel Driti also said that the paper, the Daily Post, needs a total shake up of its management.

He also added that the Fiji Times, which he deems to be "the most non-cooperative and biased news paper in the country" and "should be closed down immediately".

In one of two government statements issued yesterday, he said the irony is that institutions like the Fiji military forces have always aired their grievances to the media and out of that, two agencies through the past years have never published or televised its concerns.