17 Mar 2009

Fiji police investigating recent attacks on high-profile people

10:05 pm on 17 March 2009

The police in Fiji say they are investigating recent attacks against the property of high-profile individuals.

Politically-motivated attacks are reported to be on the rise in Fiji, with several individuals falling victim to vandalism in the past month.

In the latest attack, a pro-democracy campaigner, Attar Singh, says he had rocks thrown at his house and cars at the weekend.

A police spokesperson, Ema Mua, says they are trying to understand what has happened.

"There is a pattern. They seem to be people that speak out in society over issues, but it'll be unfair to say that it's one certain organisation or one certain group of people that's behind it."

Ema Mua says police are investigating the attacks separately and it's unclear at this stage who might be behind them.