16 Mar 2009

Calls for continuing Pacific involvment in record keeping website

6:38 am on 16 March 2009

New Zealand Archive's Mark Crookston says it's essential Pacific countries are involved with the development of the record keeping toolkit website.

Nine participants from the Pacific were in Wellington recently going through the final phase of the website which was initiated in 2005 in Fiji after a pacific islands regional branch of international and archives conference.

Mr Crookston says while some pacific countries are still working through good records keeping it is essential they make a contribution to the online site

"The only way to make it relevant was to bring people from throughout the region together to make it relevant to make sure the language is right, to make sure we cover all records created by government, and also as a good training tool as well so that when it comes to implementation the people who've been involved in it can do the implementation of it."